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How to set up your transition area

Setting up a transition area can be a daunting experience!  The transition area is the “hub” of the race and packed with participants.

Use the following as a guideline on how to set-up your transition area for all Epic Races’ triathlons, duathlons, and aquabikes.  It is helpful to practice setting up and using your transition area.

Know exactly what items you will use for T1 and T2. Also, know the precise order in which you will use everything. Shoes, sunglasses, helmet, bike, hat, and anything else you may need or want.  Remember to keep it as simple as possible!

Rack your bike: Find your number in the transition area. Standing behind your bike, lift the back part of your bike off the ground and place the front part of your bike seat over the bike rack.

Be sure to check your front and back brake pads to prevent rubbing on your wheel during the race.
Check tire pressure. (If you are unsure about this or the brake pads or anything else technical for your bike, head over to our bike support crew and ask for help!

Make sure your bike is in a comfortable gear. Small chain ring, as opposed to big chain ring, is a lot easier to pedal after getting out of transition area.

Use a bath towel or folded beach towel (preferably lightweight and small) and claim your territory beside your front wheel. This is your area to be used during the race. Remember, you have your spot but others need space as well. Your towel should hold only the belongings you plan on using during the race. Keep all other pre and post-race items outside of the transition area. Here is a general list:
Swim goggles
Swim cap
Bike helmet
Bike shoes
Run shoes/socks
Race number (and a way to wear that number, such as a race belt)
Nutrition and hydration (longer distance races)

Place your ankle strap (w/ timing tag attached) on your ankle.

Place your filled water bottles on your bike.

Set up your running shoes and bike shoes if you have them in a comfortable place to grab them quickly.  Be sure to loosen laces and straps.

Place your helmet on the towel either next to or in front of your cycling shoes. Be sure the straps are unbuckled and the helmet will easily fit on your head. Your helmet should be upside down, with the front of the helmet (helmet number from race bag) closest to your feet.

Open your sunglasses and place the lenses inside the helmet with the sides of the glasses pointing up. Be sure your glasses are open so that you can grab the outside of the sunglasses and quickly put them on your face.

If you plan on wearing a hat/visor, place your visor on the very top of the towel, in front of your running shoes. Be sure the hat/visor is already adjusted to fit your head.

If you plan on using a race belt, unfasten your race belt (w/ race bib attached) and place the belt next to your running shoes. If you do not plan on using a race belt, safety pin your race bib to your running singlet. 

If you have any additional nutrition items (gels, water) or miscellaneous items (inhaler, Vaseline, sunblock) keep those items on the back of the towel (away from your feet).

Here is a great photo from our friends at Feisty Triathlon:

You can also watch this video with Ambassador, Matt West and Race Director, Eva Solomon.



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